We provide online solutions that automates and streamlines your label business.

Our online solutions takes prepress automation off your hands, so you can focus on growing your business.

It’s a new and simple way to increase efficiency and make your label business more competitive.

Why build your own workflow when our team has already built it for you!

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Tailored to digital label manufacturers

“We’ve had LabelHub since 2020 and use it to its full capacity – our customers have direct access, it’s fully integrated with our ERP system, and we run all our jobs through there. We’re incredibly pleased with all the features, and as a digital print house, it just makes perfect sense to use LabelHub!”

Thomas Nielsen, CEO at IKONPRINT

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Preflight with instant feedback

Customers upload PDF files to LabelHub and receive print-readiness status instantly, including simple instructions for what to correct.

  • Free up time in prepress and customer service
  • Ensure files are print-ready
  • Avoid involving prepress in preflight tasks
  • Provide online preflight service to your customers with instant feedback

Fully automated Step & Repeat

Step & Repeat files no longer need to be handled manually – in LabelHub they are automatically generated and sent directly to your digital press.

  • Free up time in customer service
  • Avoid involving prepress in repetitive Step & Repeat tasks
  • Achieve prepress independence
  • Save costs by using automatic workflow

Advanced Step & Repeat

For more flexibility, LabelHub also offers Advanced Step & Repeat options. The system automatically prefilters labels that can be produced together.

  • Free up time in customer service & prepress
  • Quick & Easy ganging of labels that can be produced together
  • Save costs by optimizing production
  • Print-ready imposition files automatically sent to digital press

Customer Web Portal

LabelHub’s Customer Web Portal helps manage and order labels online. It provides a visual overview of the entire label inventory and enables a simple drag-and-drop delivery of artwork.

  • Log in and work online anywhere at any time
  • Fewer emails and time-consuming phone calls
  • User-friendly interface
  • Simple overview of labels and label specifications
  • Easy search and filter functions
  • Upload PDF files at your convenience
  • Instant Preflight feedback and a print-ready status
  • Easy instruction on how to fix PDF files.
  • Fewer human errors
  • Easy re-ordering and order history

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If you want to automate your prepress workflow and improve label management without hiring more IT staff or experiencing extra operational costs, LabelHub is for you.

Use LabelHub to make your business more innovative, efficient, and customer-focused – stay ahead of your competitors. We can tell you more:

How to automate prepress to improve label printing workflows

Implement with ease

This is not yet another big IT project you will struggle with for months, using extra resources or messing up your other systems. As long as you have a digital press and an MIS or ERP system, you are ready for LabelHub.

LabelHub is subscription-based, and you can pick from 3 different plans to best suit your needs: Standard, Premium, and Flagship.

No extra investment needed

With LabelHub you do not need to invest in extra software or hardware and are not locked to a specific setup or location. We use the latest technology and continuously update the platform with new features.

Once your MIS or ERP system is connected to LabelHub, you can start leveraging the benefits of automated preflight and Step & Repeat.

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