LabelHub is the future for Digital Label Manufacturers

LabelHub is an online platform tailored specifically for Digital Label Manufactures to increase overall productivity and save precious time. LabelHub is cloud-based Software as a Service on a monthly subscription. LabelHub uses the latest technology and is continuously updated with new features.
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What You Get

Customer Web Portal

LabelHub customer web portal makes it easier than ever for you to provide online services to your customers and at the same time use the latest technology to increase your productivity and efficiency.

More and more people are working from home, and they order everything online. Your label customers are no different, they expect you to be online.

Prepress Automation

LabelHub prepress automation tools makes it easier than ever to automate prepress. Automatic Preflight and Step & Repeat functions are built-in to the system to reduce costs and streamline workflow.

Automation is key to reducing cost and work smarter. Your label costumers expect you to be competitive and use the latest automation technology.

Customer Web Portal

Provide a web portal to your customers and facilitate user-friendly online corporation that will make your customers happy.

Web portal benefits

  • Log in and work online anywhere at any time
  • Fewer emails and time-consuming phone calls
  • User-friendly interface
  • Simple overview of labels and label specifications
  • Easy search and filter functions
  • Upload PDF files at your convenience
  • Instant Preflight feedback and a print-ready status
  • Easy instruction on how to fix PDF files.
  • Fewer human errors
  • Easy re-ordering and order history

Preflight Service

LabelHub provide automatic preflight service with instant feedback and a print-ready status.

  • Free up time in prepress and customer service
  • Ensure files are print-ready
  • Avoid involving prepress in preflight tasks
  • Provide online preflight service to your customers with instant feedback

Step & Repeat Service

Step & Repeat files are automatically generated and sent directly to your digital press.

  • Free up time in customer service
  • Avoid involving prepress in repetitive Step & repeat tasks
  • Achieve prepress independence
  • Save costs by using automatic workflow

LabelHub Step & Repeat Service deliver print-ready files directly from costumer service to your digital press completely automatically using master data from your ERP system.

Advanced Step & Repeat Service

Advanced Step & Repeat files, can be generated fast and easy by your customer service and sent directly to your digital press.

  • Free up time in customer service
  • Avoid involving prepress
  • Save costs by using standard workflow
  • Optimize your digital production by using Advanced Step & Repeat

Creating Advanced Step & Repeat files in LabelHub is quick and easy. The system automatically prefilters labels that can be produced together.

LabelHub is a fast and easy way to get online and start automating prepress

Some of the benefits

LabelHub is a subscription-based SaaS (Software as a Service)
No hardware investment necessary
Speed of integration and deployment
Low operating expenses
Customer web portal

“LabelHub eliminated a host of slow and inefficient processes, simplifying the entire label management process”

Kim Hansen
Former Managing Director at Interket

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